Monday, 30 March 2009

MV : "Muk ngai lhai jai lhork luang" by Vit Hyper วิด ไฮเปอร์

Song off Vit Hyper's latest album. I was listening to this in the car the other day, the perfect place for this kind of country rock. This is not a bad song though at the moment i prefer "hed phon kon pid".

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Top 5 CDs of March 2009

1) Tai Orathai - kon nai kwarm kid hord
2) Takkatan Cholada - dok neon barn kum
3) Ajareeya Bussaba - hua jai... mee ngarn kao
4) Bew Kalayanee - kumlung jai jark dan klai
5) Jintara Poonlarb - Jintara krob krueng 3

Jintara Poonlap

Friday, 20 March 2009

MV : "Lhong aiy duay ter" by Takkatan Cholada ตั๊กแตน ชลดา

Another song off Takkatan's latest album. Its a very good album so if you haven't got it yet, what is stopping you?!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

MV : "Yoo tee nhai jai kor kid tueng" by Bua Bunchitar บัว บัณชิตา

Bua's second album is out now and this is a song off that album. I liked her first one and she is a definite cutie. From the cover of her second album that hasn't changed.

Monday, 16 March 2009

CD : Various - jatura thung

An album bringing together 4 of R-Siam's male superstars : Luang Kai, Bao We, Vit Hyper and Noo Meter? Sure win! On this album the first 2 songs include contributions by all 4 artists and then each artist has 2 solo songs each. "Pra-kot-karn ruk" starts us off, its a great song... though would probably be better just sung by 1 artist as its a bit jarring when 1 line is sung by 1 artist and the next by another. The choruses when everyone joins in are great. All 4 artists are at the tougher rock end of the luktung spectrum so the song is, as you may expect, muscular.

As Vit Hyper is my favourite male singer i naturally checked out his solo songs first, "Aow ngao kao laek" is typical Vit. Great slow paced song but you always feel the producers have "wittalai lhai jai" in the back of their minds and are trying to reproduce it, though its one fantastic song to try and do that to of course. I also love Noo Meter's songs and "Plien ber plien jai" is a great example of his work, smooth and expressive vocals in a song that builds and builds into something special.

"Krai chai hai pai ruk kao" by Luang Kai starts off with some muscular guitar and then into his gutsy vocals. Powerful chorus again. This whole album shudders with testosterone. Bao We's "Fai kub narm" starts off a bit softer but then suddenly the guitars crash and we are into power rock luktung again. You know this album is fantastic if not that subtle. Great stuff from start to finish.

Favourite songs : Plien ber plien jai, Krai chai hai pai ruk kao, Aow ngao kao laek

Rating : 9.2/10

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Friday, 13 March 2009

MV : "Pit ruk" by Fon Tanasoontorn ฝน ธนสุนทร

Song from Fon, the diva some say. Something about her i don't like that much, she might be very nice in reality, i'd love to find out for sure. I do like her music a lot though.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

MV : "Dao mahalai" by Sao Mard Mega Dance สาวมาด เมกะแดนซ์

Well i reviewed her album earlier, here is the title track MV.

CD : Sao Mard Mega Dance สาวมาด เมกะแดนซ์ - dao mahalai

Sao Mard did very well with her album from last year "Sao lard prao" and in true fashion the title track of this follow-up album tries to recapture the magic with a rather similar song, so expect a fast-ish track with Sao Mard's singing being replied to by a bloke shouting. Whether he is dressed as a woman this time too i don't know but Sao Mard no longer is wearing a cowboy hat. "Dao mahalai" is OK but gets a bit wearing after the first couple of minutes.

This is a good album though, "Rueng kluay kluay" mixes electric rock guitars with morlam and rocks along very enjoyably. "Kid dai ngai" is a much better song though and the highlight of the album, a slow and brooding lukthung track. Another enjoyable track is "Park rai tae jai ruk" which starts off sounding like 80s pop and moves into a very danceable fast tempo track. "Koong ten" starts off a slow brooding track which has some nice keyboards that moves into a good morlam song.

Ending the album is "Aow kuen" which also starts off slow and stays there. Sao Mard is a good singer to be sure able to handle fast morlam tracks and slower ballads. Her vocals are maybe not perfect but she sounds like she has had some life, a bit sultry at times, and puts that into her performance which wins with me every time. Very good album. Cowboy hat not required after all.

Best songs : Kid dai ngai, Park rai tae jai ruk, Aow kuen

Rating : 8.5/10

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

MV : "Pla daek laek sator" by Job & Joy จ๊อบ & จอย

Job & Joy have a new album out, this song isn't off it but you can see what they are like. Its a Nopporn release so they tend to be the same every album anyway!

Friday, 6 March 2009

MV : "Kumlung jai jark dan klai" by Bew Kalayanee บิว กัลยาณีj

Loving Bew's latest album, "itcha" is the best song but this is also a very good one. This song has a lovely melody with a stepped tone that makes it so irresistable.

Top 5 CDs of February 2009

1) Various - Jatura thung
2) Nui Suweenar - nui sung fan
3) Takkatan Cholada - dok neon barn kum
4) Fon Tanasoontorn - pen fan kun ma
5) Sao Mard Mega Dance - dao mahalai

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

MV : "Klaeng bok ruk" by Karnjana Masiri กาญจนา มาศิริ

Its quiet for new releases right now though Karnjaba Masiri has released a new CD recently though this song isn't on it.