Monday, 12 July 2010

Ajareeya Bussaba อาจารียา บุษบา - subparode

Ajareeya's latest (6th album) and the second album of the latest stage of her career. Unlike her previous album which was a little more daring and experimented with different styles this album is a little safer, more like her earlier work. Very well done of course but the album overall is not quite as good as last time.

A song like "Mua nim" is a decent enough mid-paced track that bounces out with a bit of trademark Ajareeya energy and spice. The title track is a little more interesting though, a fast song again but with some nice guitar. "Luem nong leaw ka" interestingly mixes some traditional sounds with some hard beats. Its full of the usual infectious energy you expect from Ajareeya and good enough but personally i think this album could have been a little bit more...

Rating : 8.3/10

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