Monday, 26 May 2008

CD : Jintara Poonlarp - Jintara krob krueng

Last year Jintara moved to R-Siam and this is her first CD for them. It starts off with a great morlum track "Jintara ab baew" featuring Eed Pong Larng Sa-orn which in many way acts as a relaunch of Jintara ready for this new phase of her long career. I prefer the following track however "Tanakarn narm tar" with it's slow and brooding beat moving into mid-tempo. Jintara's vocals ring out like a bright beacon as always.

"Gok som mor ror ruk" is another good slow track with superb instrumentation and Jintara's vocals with their usual warmth and rich tone though the song itself is a little low-key. Another good track, probably the best in fact, is the laid-back "Boh lhuer yhung hai whung laew", again pretty slow paced but Jintara's vocals are particularly gorgeous in the run into the chorus. Great guitar too. This album is a great start to her new record label with so much to enjoy.

Rating : 8.6 /10

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mr bonkers said...

I bought the VCD last year then she gave us CD's at a garage stop and bought us some food. Some think Jin puts on a false front but she really is a sincere and lovely person, and still one of the great singers. Have heard her sing the title track from her new CD which sounds exciting, but not released yet as far as I know.

Chris said...

i'd love to meet her how jealous i am of you haha!

mr bonkers said...

If you come over next time should be no problem, she likes to meet fans, unlike one or two other famous names. Now she has a fan club who follow her as much as they can (all thai) they are all very friendly and let us know what is happening and where she will be. Next appearance I know is veteethai on the 14th June.

mr bonkers said...

Album 2 came out last week, translates something like as 'I will always stand by you' First track seems dedicated to her husband but the second is called 'gig'. All morlam except one track and the best album for some time IMO. Last track is a lament to fans who have forgotten her using old melodies, very good. Fans might be more numerous though if they put concerts on the web site ( a fiscal reason why they don't) turned up on time and did the odd charity event. Album is let down a bit by only one track being filmed on location, the rest studio/dancing set up on the cheap but looks nice enough.

Chris said...

yeah gonna get the CD soon