Monday, 9 June 2008

CD : Dear Sasitorn - hua jai nuk soo

Dear Sasitorn's debut then and what a great start to her career this is. The title track starts things off a nice slow emotional track though things get even better with "Bao nuk rean yai" an energetic song with a great chorus. Dear's vocals are a bit high but have an endearing "young girl" atmosphere to them (if that makes any sense). The backing is inventive and often quite rocky and even sometimes bluesy and funky.

Dear really shines on "Ror ruk tai ton kradone" which is nothing short of brilliant, a powerful song with Dear's vocals cutting through and some great guitar and inventive beat. But there are other great songs like the slow emotional "Klom". Dear really knows how to put emotion into her singing (which is not the easiest of skills). After this album i am just wanting more. Best debutant this year easily, so far anyway.

Rating : 9/10

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