Sunday, 16 November 2008

CD : Mhai Muang ไม้เมือง - keb ruk wai tee plai roong

Mhai Muang's third album and its full of fine tunes, quality backing and musicianship and great vocals. Track 1, "Keb ruk wai tee plai roong" is a great case in point, it starts off with some relaxed humming and builds into a bright little tune with some nice whistle and relaxed laid back vocals giving it a great contemporary feel. Maybe a better song though is "Luem gun laew gar" which has a very traditional start before building up into a "big" song.

One criticism of this album though would be that it is a bit one-paced. "Gasalong glub baan" for example is a good tune with laid back vocals with a yearning edge to them but its much like quite a few of the other tracks on the album. But i suppose if your template is a good quality one why deviate from it? "Nitarn bai mai" for example is a restrained beautiful tune with good musicianship but lets the vocals shine. An enjoyable laid back and relaxed ride.

Rating : 7.7/10

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