Monday, 14 January 2008

CD : Kunta Na Nakorn - happy happy

A new album by this artist, actually we haven't got any albums by Kunta Na Nakorn before but we are sure to get more in future by this beautiful young lady, as this is sublime. It starts off with a couple of fast tempo tracks, with some delicious funky guitar buried deep in the mix, it sounds fantastic.

You'd probably find it hard to hear a better album opener than "I kook kook". And Kunta's voice sounds great too, unlike a lot of female singers her voice is a bit lower and not sometimes falling into squeaks. Although they are pretty different artists her voice reminds me a bit of Janet Kiew, both artists sound like they have lived some life.

Afterwards we move to a mix of slower and faster tracks, the latter such as "tim mark" are more memorable though the slower songs are OK. The production is very well done throughout.

Rating : 8/10

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