Wednesday, 23 December 2009

CD : Job Sabuy Heart จ๊อบ สบายฮาร์ท - narm tar poo chai

Been looking forward to this one, in 2008 Job released the song "Say saeng", one of the best songs of the year though i was unable to get the album the song was off. This album, Job's second, is available however and very gratefully received it is too. Job is a cool guy with the dreadlocks and shades and backs it up with great hard country rock.

"Kum sarb" opens the album and is is a terrific rock ballad. Job's vocals are full of feel and life. You feel like Job actually means it and wasn't a product of marketing. Of course that may be the intention (of the marketing) but his vocals feel like they have plenty of authenticity behind them. And lots of rock guitar too of course. "Kon lhuer khor" is another passion filled track with a big chorus and big guitar solo.

"Narm tar poo chai" follows the theme, maybe a little softer in feel than the earlier songs but thats relatively "softer" there is still plenty of rock passion and another big chorus. There isn't a great deal of subtlety with Job's music to be honest. "Mai klah bork" is a little different, an acoustic opening and a touch of lukthung-style keywords. "Kid pai aeng" is much a traditional style song though Job's vocals are still like a sledgehammer and jar a bit with a softer backing. To be honest it doesn't work for me.

Perhaps Job wanted a bit of variety with his album however 10 rock ballads would be fine as far as i am concerned. "Way lar" is a little more like it though "Rub pai tem tem" finally brings the big guitars back. Job is my hero and this album is every bit as good as i hoped it would be. Totally fantastic. Hard music but with feeling.

Rating : 9.3/10

Favourite songs : Kum sarb, Narm tar poo chai, Rub pai tem tem

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