Saturday, 6 June 2009

CD : Vit Hyper - muk ngai lhai jai lhork luang

Vit Hyper's latest solo album and what i expect from this are a collection of highly listenable yet tough rock-edge lukthung songs. And i am not disappointed. The title track which opens proceedings is typical Vit: robust melodies, gutsy singing and plenty of pop hooks. It also has some nice whistle and keyboards.

If Vit's songs are usually rock influenced then "Doo nang hai doo suer" is straight forward lukthung with a happy melody. I think he is best at the big ballads though with big meaty melodies driven by solid guitar chords, "Ngao kao tar" is an example of that. Driving tune leading into a big chorus, excellent stuff. To be honest i'll never tire of Vit's songs like this.

"Hed phon kon pid" which is the album's best track is similar with melodic progression and tone building up into a climax and a chrorus to die for. This album delivered what was expected and very well, another excellent solo album. To be honest if you want rock lukthung at the harder end of the spectrum Vit Hyper is the best there is.

Rating : 9.5/10

Favourite songs : Hed phon kon pid, Ngao kao tar

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