Monday, 8 March 2010

Aum Nuntiya อั้ม นันทิยา - wai teen yasothorn

Aum Nuntiya's latest (and third) album for Sure Audio starts with an excellent fast lukthung title track with an irresistible beat. "Yark tho ha jai si kard" brings things down tempo wise with some sweet melodies and tones and is an enjoyable slow song with a very ear friendly melody.

"Tung hug tung yarn" speeds things up again with an interesting melody which mixes traditional instruments and retro electronica and sounds like an 80s video game where you play the role of a lukthung star. "Ai bor kue kao" is a slow song (spot the pattern yet) and is basically fine but a bit too basic.

"Bor yark klub pai sei jai" has a very tinkly pop melody, sung by Aum with plenty of youthful energy and charm. Overall the album is an enjoyable listen, not earth shattering maybe not the best vocals in the world but a well put together album all of the same with plenty of high spots.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Wai teen yasothorn, Tung hug tung yarn, Yark tho ha jai si kard

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