Friday, 14 December 2007

CD : Janet Kiew - thank you tee ruk

We like Janet Kiew, with her less-than-smooth voice and sassy image you can tell she has "lived a bit". This album is a great fusion of rock and other western music with lukthung. Such as on the title track opener, a fast song that brings in various elements to produce a great dance song. Following on it the straight power ballad "Kid wah hai mhar mun gin", a kind of song Janet's voice really suits.

One of the best examples of the fusion is "Rorb nee jud hai kon nah tar dee" which starts off with razor-sharp rock guitars, switches to lukthung and then into a rap! Totally excellent.

Rating : 8.5/10

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mr bonkers said...

She's certainly not one of the shy ones, appears on TV comparing a show. Also was at the last Thai food festival in London in 2006 where she went down very well. Her brash on stage image is not really what she is like-very nice lady and down to earth. She is a comic as well,she used to do a very funny impersonation of Jintara. Hard not to like Janet.

chris said...

yeah she is a real star, a multi-dimensional star at that