Friday, 30 November 2007

CD : Jintara Poonlap - sao thong dok jarn

The Queen of Morlum Jintara Poonlap has just released her first CD for R-Siam but this is her previous studio album. The album starts off quite understated with the title track and the following track not really setting the world alight. But then "somchai 2007", oh what a song this is! Great fast morlum song, but i still think it sounds like an MC Hammer tune.

The rest of the album is pretty good with some more decent morlum songs and some more lower tracks moving into lukthung territory. The album is a good album that is enjoyable in it's entirety but without having that many standout songs.

Rating : 7/10

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mr bonkers said...

I liked the second biog track and Somchai 2007 best, that guy certainly gets around! The title track was a minor hit last year. Sadly the last Master Tape release. The first R Siam album has a great track-Namtar Tanakarn. Jintara no longer has her big touring band but still appears at concerts