Friday, 25 January 2008

CD : Mam Pimanrum - yhark plien narmsakul

Debut album from a new singer. The first 2 tracks are good, yet standard, fast lukthung fare. The title track (track #2) has good brass backing and is a confident and bold song, sung with energy and a little bit of cockiness, and is done very well.

I prefer slower songs though generally so how are they on this album? The next 2 tracks Ruk tae kae mor 3 and Kuey nork jai gun mhai are not bad songs, especially Ruk tae... which is one of the better songs i have heard this year so far (OK its only January i know!) Track #8 Sen tarng sri tao takes it down even another notch and has some lovely organ backing coming in at just the right moments.

Mam's vocals are not bad, perhaps some work to do here and there but i like how she does some semi-spoken parts in some of the fast songs. I would rate this as a pretty good debut.

Rating : 7.2/10

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