Monday, 11 August 2008

CD : Noo Meter - kwam ruk kwam wung kwam fhun

Noo Meter has produced a number of big songs on the luk thung scene and this third album from R-Siam looks set to continue the trend. "Nhon pee sua" for example, with it's mid-tempo romantic feel and smooth vocals is a winner which is sure to be heard or seen on radio/TV millions of times. The album starts off with the jaunty "Mai ruk klaeng rork" though which has a nice catchy chorus.

Noo Meter - kwam ruk kwam wung kwam fhun

"Pieng rao tao nun" is another radio friendly slow track that starts off with some lovely piano before heading into big song territory. Another notable song is "Sing tee ter luem kue sing tee chun tum" with it's big production at the start and clear country tones and yet another memorable tune. Basically this album is a winner.

Rating : 8.2/10

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