Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New Releases (31/03/10)

  • Pornsuk Songsaeng - Mangwee Mai Mee Sith
  • Amp Inthira - Inthira Kwa Mic
  • Bew Kalayanee - Buntuek Pleng Ruk - Vol.2.
  • Earn The Star - Kum Kor Jark Wa Tee Khon Took Ting
  • Monsit Khamsroi - Hom Farng Tarng Pah
  • Chaiyo Tanawat - Kor Arnuyard Kid Tueng
  • NongBenz Junior - Kong Zaap Esarn
  • Boss Nawaphol - Narm Ta Maew
  • Karnjana Masiri - Mee Mia Mae Mhai Mai
  • Ajareeya Bussaba - Subparode
  • Tai Orrathai - Fhun Yung Klai Jai Yung Ngao

Monday, 29 March 2010

MV : "Ruk mai" by Amp Inthira แอม อินทิรา

She has a new album out and this is on it.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Punnawaree Pojjanasoontorn พรรณรวี พจนสุนทร - sao noy chiang mai

This album starts off in a bright manner with "Sao chiang hai", a nice mid-paced track with an infectious chorus and appealing vocals. Punnawaree's vocals have a somewhat innocent and youthful air to them but she stays the right side of young girl squeekiness. Some notes are a bit of a strain though, her voice is fairly low generally.

"Khor soo mar ter" is another mid-paced track, starting off with some chords from Western old-style dance music before moving onto a shuffle beat with a melody punctuated with traditional instruments and tasty organ. "Nhom sen narm ngiew" raises the tempo and is an excellent fast lukthung track. Punnawaree's vocals get a bit flat at times on it though but the song has an excellent if oddly sparse melody.

The best song on the album is "Sia jai tae wah" which has a kind of 60s style doo-wop melody in the background, earnest yearnful vocals and a wonderful synthesizer solo which seems to go on for ever. Following that is the interesting "Ardeed ruk dork thong kwao" which is quite 80s pop in some ways with a relaxing soft feel.

This is a very good album, maybe lacks some variety and polish especially with the vocals but has so much to entertain you with.

Rating : 9.1/10

Favourite songs : Sia jai tae wah, Sao chiang hai, Nhom sen narm ngiew

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Vit Hyper วิด ไฮเปอร์ - chai park rai pood taen jai ying oak huk

Vit Hyper's latest album, i am a big fan of Vit so always look forward to these. The opener "Poo ying luem yark" is a nice basic rock ballad though quite forgettable. "Rerm jark roy" is quite different, a more traditional sounding song with some nice harmonica and a building melody and a good chorus.

"Ma ruk tummai ton nee" is a high point, standard Vit rock ballad territory. Nice melody, warm vocals, big chorus et cetera. I'm sure he can do those songs in his sleep though. "Kor pen khon sood tai" is another rock song but with a bluesy feel though otherwise keeps to the blueprint. "Ma tee lhung wung taeng" is an interesting song, less rock and more lukthung. It works quite well with Vit's low but slightly rough vocals.

Its a decent album but ultimately a bit forgettable. The album lacks a bit of star dust and a really big hit song. It has a number of nice little songs but falls short of the killer blow. Fans will enjoy it though it probably won't convert anyone unconvinced.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Ma ruk tummai ton nee, Ma tee lhung wung taeng, Rerm jark roy

Friday, 12 March 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010

Aum Nuntiya อั้ม นันทิยา - wai teen yasothorn

Aum Nuntiya's latest (and third) album for Sure Audio starts with an excellent fast lukthung title track with an irresistible beat. "Yark tho ha jai si kard" brings things down tempo wise with some sweet melodies and tones and is an enjoyable slow song with a very ear friendly melody.

"Tung hug tung yarn" speeds things up again with an interesting melody which mixes traditional instruments and retro electronica and sounds like an 80s video game where you play the role of a lukthung star. "Ai bor kue kao" is a slow song (spot the pattern yet) and is basically fine but a bit too basic.

"Bor yark klub pai sei jai" has a very tinkly pop melody, sung by Aum with plenty of youthful energy and charm. Overall the album is an enjoyable listen, not earth shattering maybe not the best vocals in the world but a well put together album all of the same with plenty of high spots.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Wai teen yasothorn, Tung hug tung yarn, Yark tho ha jai si kard