Monday, 3 March 2008

CD : Prai Warunya - yord phai jai pee

This is her debut CD and its certainly a very interesting lukthung album. It starts off with a gorgeous slow song with terrific organ and other instruments, Prai's vocals are pretty good. The production has used her vocals well, getting them into an intricate dance with the backing. If you like the first song "Sao baan phaen" then you are in luck as the rest of the album is pretty much the same.

"Nhee ruk" shows this off to a tee, the vocals coming in and out and seemingly playing with the instrumentation like hide and seek but then again the song is "avoid love". "Ruk chai chue noy" has some beautiful accordian. The album is a bit one-paced (actually no its totally one-paced) but its a beautiful piece of work and very enjoyable, if not very exciting, listening.

Rating : 7/10

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