Thursday, 3 January 2008

VCD : Sieng Isaan Band - ruam dao sao

This fairly old compilation has 12 tracks by Sieng Issan singers, most of them are slower songs though there is some good dancing on a couple of tracks. The videos are largely great and suit the songs really well such as "kod nong naen naen" by Sai Yai with it's couple silhouetted behind the curtains in the background. Of course the fact the songs are great helps a lot of course.

The videos are often simple but simple often works, such as on "Tarng din tarng dao" by Nongwi Soopitra which is as simple as a video can be, just a singer singing in front of a static background. By the way we love the misery Nongwi portrays on her face as she sings, though she might be overdoing it a bit.

Some of the videos are funny too such as another Nongwi track where she is pursuing a guy she fancies but all her attempts to get close to him are thwarted, or the track ("DJ kluen jai" by Maiprom) where the girl falls in love with a DJ because of his voice but when she finally sees him she can't run away fast enough! Great songs, great videos.

Rating : 9/10

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