Monday, 5 May 2008

CD : Film Narinthip - self-titled

A debut, and the pretty Film Narinthip starts it off with the terrific and energetic "Pee mai lhub nong mai lhub". A very good luk thung dance song, the video has some good dancing too. There is a rockish edge to the song and thats common throughout much of the album. "Ter tao nun" for example is a good rock ballad.

However there is also luk thung a plenty, the dancey "Hai mae mar khor" for example. It sounds a lot like a recent Kratae song ("Mar lah woey") though without the rap. The last 3 songs on the album and also "Duay ruk...niran" take us to more classic luk thung territory.

Film's vocals are pretty good, not fantastic maybe but good enough to be entertaining. This is a very promising debut full of great songs.

Rating : 8/10

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