Monday, 18 August 2008

CD : Norradee Srichachol นรดี ศรีชาชล - torn jai luek luek

Norradee's debut from earlier in the year, the title track starts us off, a nice slow dance to get us going. Norradee's vocals are crisp though slightly jarring on the odd note, she does a good job though and matches the decent if unamazing backing pretty well. The album continues with good basic lukthung, "Kularb esarn" is a nice track with a melody and feel so laid back you nearly fall over with Norradee's vocals coming in rich and warm. Great track!

Norradee Srichachol front CD

Following on "Rub kwan taharn-ken" has some nice guitar and a reasonable beat, relaxed like the other tracks. "Tookta din dai" has some interestingly fast vocals which Norradee handles well. Its a good value album with 12 tracks and no duff ones, though maybe no exceptional ones either. As a whole it works very well though maybe nothing you never heard before. Excellent debut none the less.

Rating : 7.6/10

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