Friday, 30 July 2010

Saowaros Roongpailin สวรส รุ้งไพลิน - ror sai khon jai dum

Saowaros Roongpailin is a new singer to me and quite promising. "Sin-la-pin" is a stand-out song, nothing out of the ordinary, just a straight forward slow ballad but sung pretty well if a little rough (but thats fine with me, i don't like my music to be too polished).

"Sapha hua jai" is another fine track, ups the pace a bit but is another ballad. This one you can dance to (slowly). Some of the higher notes Saowaros struggles on. The rest of the album is fine, nothing else really stand out but nothing stinks either. As a body of music its well worth a listen. It doesn't try and break any boundaries and maybe lacks a little ambition. It does, as the saying goes, exactly what it says on the tin. A straight forward lukthung album.

Rating : 7.5/10

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