Sunday, 13 September 2009

CD : Tai Orratai ต่าย อรทัย - morlum dok ya

The Princess of lukthung is back but with a difference, this time with a special morlam album. Tai Orratai doing this is not as big a stretch as it might be for some mainstream lukthung artists as her usual mode is fairly traditional. She usually includes 1 or 2 morlam songs an album already so in this case she has just done it for the whole disk.

The album is fine. Tai isn't Jintara Poonlap say but she still does a pretty good job. As with any GMM release the production values are high and Tai's voice is superb though i must admit i hope she is back to normal with her next album. Like with all her releases Tai is quite restrained and genteel which doesn't work quite as well on a morlam track which often needs a bit of sass and attitude. Having said that it is a welcome release and Tai seems like she is having a good time. As will you when you listen to it.

Rating : 8.7/10

Favourite songs : Esarn lum plern, Rang ngarn kao nhiew


Mike said...

It is a good album, but there are some tracks taken from other albums as well as fillers.

The music videos are good for all of the songs on this album.

Chris said...

Yeah seen some of them

mr bonkers said...

Very bland in my opinion and she just does not have the vocal ability for morlam. They are promoting it heavily, would have been better if new songs but these are all old, Jin, Honne etc. Don't think she is very happy with this new venture, but then another GMM singer is getting all the best luktung songs!

Chris said...

i agree with you about her voice, it doesn't really suit morlam but the production is very good, as with any GMM or RS production care is taken in that area.