Saturday, 27 October 2007

CD : Bew Kalayanee - pieng soang rao

This is Bew Kalayanee's second album, the first was "nobra nora" of course which was a great song though overall we were not that keen on her debut, it was good but could have been better. So on to her second album then, this has the Nescafe tie-in "pieng soang rao" (the MV of which has oh so subtle product placement, no we are being really sarcastic). The song is great though, Bew has upped the rock a bit on this album.

We like this album more, it is a little more assured and powerful. And is positively joyful on the pacey "nah ruk nuk lah" that rocks along with some tasty guitar. She is at her best though on the slower songs like "loog khong poh" where her rich voice can really be showcased. We await album #3 with interest.

Rating : 8/10

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Lemo said...

Although her latest album (3) is exceptional in every way, I found Bew Kalayanee's second CD to simply be the very best Thai album I have listened to.
Every track an absolute joy, differing tempos but always clear lyrical delivery along with impeccable instrumental accompaniment. The slower numbers I found totally enchanting, especially the last one (10) which of course leads to the album being played through again - just one more time!
I look forward to the next album from this star performer