Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Punnawaree Pojjanasoontorn พรรณรวี พจนสุนทร - sao noy chiang mai

This album starts off in a bright manner with "Sao chiang hai", a nice mid-paced track with an infectious chorus and appealing vocals. Punnawaree's vocals have a somewhat innocent and youthful air to them but she stays the right side of young girl squeekiness. Some notes are a bit of a strain though, her voice is fairly low generally.

"Khor soo mar ter" is another mid-paced track, starting off with some chords from Western old-style dance music before moving onto a shuffle beat with a melody punctuated with traditional instruments and tasty organ. "Nhom sen narm ngiew" raises the tempo and is an excellent fast lukthung track. Punnawaree's vocals get a bit flat at times on it though but the song has an excellent if oddly sparse melody.

The best song on the album is "Sia jai tae wah" which has a kind of 60s style doo-wop melody in the background, earnest yearnful vocals and a wonderful synthesizer solo which seems to go on for ever. Following that is the interesting "Ardeed ruk dork thong kwao" which is quite 80s pop in some ways with a relaxing soft feel.

This is a very good album, maybe lacks some variety and polish especially with the vocals but has so much to entertain you with.

Rating : 9.1/10

Favourite songs : Sia jai tae wah, Sao chiang hai, Nhom sen narm ngiew

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