Sunday, 25 October 2009

CD : Dokruk Duangmala ดอกรัก ดวงมาลา - dai rub kiet pen fan kao

Dokruk's latest album and starts with a very good song. Often albums start off a bit upbeat but on the opening title track Dokruk gives us a big and deep slow epic. Dokruk's voice is very good and the song builds slowly though maybe doesn't quite reach the height you hope for. "Khon tee chai tae rai site" is maybe a better song, with some wonderful guitar chords at the start. Its another deep slow song but with a better chorus and full of emotion. Best song on the album for sure.

"Fan kao bor aow dok" also starts with some big guitar (some of it a bit shrill so be careful if you are listening to it loudly late at night!) Like the previous two songs Dokruk sings the song well with clear singing and plenty of power and feel. She does strain a bit on some of the notes on this song though, maybe slightly too high a key for her. "Plook jai hai tuen" is another slow powerful song, though maybe by now you'd like some light relief? Plenty of hard rock edge anyway.

There is no doubt Dokruk can sing and as with most Diamond Studio albums it has a quality of singing and instrumentation that is just right. A very good album.

Rating : 8.9/10

Favourite songs : Khon tee chai tae rai site, Dai rub kiet pen fan kao

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