Saturday, 28 November 2009

CD : Pituk พิทักษ์ - sathanee narmtar waylar ngao

Well Pituk has long hair, wears army gear and plays a guitar on the cover so you expect this will be on the tougher and rockier end of the lukthung spectrum. The opener "Dor doo barn" is quite a surprise though with a very traditional sound especially when the tempo picks up later on. Pituk's vocals have a bit of a rough edge to them, though not as rough as say Job.

"Sathanee narm tar" is a great song, Pituk's vocals are so crisp and almost rip out of the speakers. The song itself is a slow builder with a great melody and structure. "Tahlay mai chuay arai" with it's big guitar chords is more rocky but its great lukthung with a few rock flourishes instead of the other way around. "Sarm cha narm tar tok" is a good up-tempo song with a great beat to it.

The album is very good but quite unexpected if you expected another Vit Hyper say. Never judge things by their cover is thus the message here. I love a cover with trains on it by the way!

Rating : 8.8/10

Favourite songs : Sathanee narm tar, Tahlay mai chuay arai

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