Monday, 28 July 2008

CD : Bew Kalayanee - buntuek pleng ruk

Bew Kalayanee's third CD for R-Siam. Now i am a fan of Bew and got what i was expecting and hoping for with this CD, a collection of gutsily sung "hard" lukthung songs with a rock edge. "Ngai kern pai" is a perfect example of this and is the best track on here. A great chorus and melody performed well.

Bew Kalayanee - buntuek pleng ruk CD

"Kwarm ruk sri dum" is another good track with a fancy guitar opening and a comfortable melody. Sounds great in the car. Songs like "Sao tar glom" also have great tunes to bop your head to but are less rockish which is no problem. "Young jum wai" is a good example of a slow song, showcasing Bew's rich voice. Memorable melodies you can hum along to. Easily Bew's best album to date.

Rating : 8.3/10

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