Monday, 14 July 2008

CD : Earn The Star - bud chern khong kwarm kid tueng

Earn was one of the singers in the Star 2 contest (apparently, i didn't get that TV show!) I first noticed her when one of her songs appeared on a Grammy compilation and it was by a long way the worst song on the album! So her full debut i approached with some trepidation...

Earn certainly looks cute and her music is just like that too, cute. Pop edged and easy to listen to. The title track for example is a nice fast tempo song with a good chorus and melody. Earn's vocals are pretty good though and she is definitely not just a pretty face. "Toh ha krung sood tai" is a slower and much more luk thung song and is sung very competently. She has a nice tone to her voice and the music is enjoyable if not very adventurous.

Its a corporate success, maybe we can say that. Its slick and shiny and got plenty of money behind it. The album lacks the rougher more "real" feel of some artists especially away from the Grammy/R-Siam nexus but is worth having. You can't be radical all the time.

Rating : 7.2/10

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