Sunday, 30 August 2009

MV : "Kid tueng ter yark jer luer gern" by Earn The Star เอิร์น เดอะสตาร์

Another pop friendly song by Earn.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Top 5 CDs of August 09

1) Bew Kalayanee - kumlung jai jark dan klai
2) Noo Meter - khon derm tee koon kei
3) Morgan - modify
4) Takkatan Cholada - dok neon barn kum
5) Karaked - karaked klang fhon

Sunday, 23 August 2009

New releases (23/08/09)

  • Siriporn Umpaipong - Kor Tum Puer Ai (13th album)
  • Nittaya Boonsungnern - Welcome Home
  • Poifai Malaiporn - Muk Laew Krub
  • Kan Thoongkrajiew - Sao Parinya Toe (debut)
  • Eakkachai Sriwichai - Yarng Nee Mun Tong Koan
  • Step One - Kaaw Raek
  • Orawee Sujjanon - Bod Pleng Hang Ruk
  • Anda - Anda Vol. 4
  • Maitai Jaitawan - Welcome To Tumna
  • Dokruk Duangmala - Dai Rub Kiet Pen Fan Kao

Sunday, 16 August 2009

CD : Luang Kai หลวงไก่ - kae toe mar bork wah kid thueng

Luang Kai's 4th album for RS, as you would expect its an album of robust rock-edged songs sung well. The opening title track is a case in point, it ticks all the boxes : steady tune, gritty vocals, big chorus. "Lerk rar mai lerk ruk" has a nice acoustic-rock start to it and then into a very satisfying rock lukthung song. Big chorus again of course. "Saeng fai nai sed fuen" has a nice tinkly piano opening before we are back in rock guitar territory. It follows much of the pattern of the first 2 songs. It may be a bit predictable maybe but it is executed very well.

"Loog nong loog pee" raises the tempo and is an enjoyable faster song with some nice guitar. Luang Kai is best with slower ballads though and "Kayah hua jai" takes us back there. Another song adhering to the blue print. The slow songs are all layered in that they slowly build in tone and volume taking us into the choruses. That is not to say all the songs sound the same but there is a definite strategy which works. Overall its a very quality piece of work. Take a song like "Fah kong mee hed phon" for example, it slowly builds into an irresistable rock chorus. A very good album but few surprises.

Favourite songs : Kae toe mar bork wah kid thueng, Saeng fai nai sed fuen, Fah kong mee hed phon

Rating : 8.5/10

Monday, 10 August 2009

MV : "Nung lae whan" by Anda อันดา

Older song by Anda.

MV : "Kuen nee muer pee klai" by Tai Orratai ต่าย อรทัย

Love this song by Tai!

CD : Sofia, Kluay Stamp, Eak & Ple - chuan nong rong pleng

A succession of duets between Sofia and some male artists from DKS and some solo songs from Sofia, of them i've only heard of Kluay Stamp. Sofia and Kluay start things off on the album with a nice rock-tinged lukthung song "Pee suer". They also sing together on "Tua klai jai klai", a slower and more mellow number. "Kae chop" is the first solo number for Sofia, as the album seems to be a showcase for her what is her voice like? Not that bad but i couldn't say it was outstanding but her voice has a pleasant feel to it.

Things go up-beat for the first song "Baa mic" between Sofia and Ple, a driving song with some nice guitar. "Aab ruk" is another solo song and starts off with some nice harmonica and a relaxed melodic feel to it. The album is full of nice songs but nothing really grabs you.

Rating : 7.1/10

Favourite songs : Pee suer, Aab ruk

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

MV : "Fai klang fon" by Anda อันดา

From Anda's newest and 4th album.

MV : "Kamen lai kwai" by Noo Meter หนู มิเตอร์

Got Noo Meter's new album today, this is an older song.

Top 5 CDs of July 09

1) Tai Orrathai - kon nai kwarm kid hord
2) Ajareeya Bussaba - hua jai... mee ngarn kao
3) Karaked - Karaked klang fhon
4) Takkatan Cholada - dok neon barn kum
5) A-Zeer - self-titled