Saturday, 11 April 2009

CD : Bua Bunchitar บัว บัณชิตา - yoo tee nhai jai kor kid tueng

One of last year's most pleasing debuts was by the amazingly cute Bua Bunchitar and this is the follow up. She is just as cute but is the album just as good? The title track starts things off and is a nice mid-paced jolly tune with sweet instrumentation and Bua's strong clipping vocals high in the mix. "Dork mai rim tarng" which follows is a good slow tune with some excellent singing. The song builds and builds though maybe doesn't quite live up to the earlier promise, maybe needing a bit of a bigger chorus, though is still a good tune.

"Ngao jueng kao jai" is another slow song but seems to meander a bit too much and doesn't really go anywhere. "Mai chai nah gift" picks up the pace and has some tasty guitar to take us into a pleasant little song with a good chorus. "Aoon ruk jark mae" is piano led and a more relaxed and laid-back affair.

"Hang glai khor hai mhuen derm" has a good melody, again piano led at the start. "Pob ruk tee rong ngarn" is the first example of a really fast song on the album. Bua sings this pretty well too indeed it is one of the best tracks on the album. Overall this is a good album though has no songs you could say are truly excellent just a few that are pretty good but are just lacking that certain extra little something. Bua has a great voice though and the producers put that high in the mix and bought it to the forefront and for that they should be congratulated.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Dork mai rim tarng, Pob ruk tee rong ngarn

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