Saturday, 22 November 2008

CD : Por Parichart ปอ ปาริชาต - arom ngao... sao tor jor wor

Probably Por Parichart's second album though her first for R-Siam, and it starts off in very familiar RS territory with the title track, a big slow song with a memorable melody. Probably got a nice MV too. Not that original a start then but it works so why change it? There are some nice tones in the song too.

Following up "Ja mai klub baan mue plao" is a similar pace and starts with some pipes. Por's voice is pretty good, not the best but you'd say not that far off. Her tone is good on this and the following "Wan ngao ngao kub kao kong krai" (also a slow song).

For some variety "Krai suk kon bon tarng fun" is a faster paced country song with some jaunty guitar picking. Her voice also works well with songs like this and the emotional big song that follows "Roo juk tae ruk mai dai" that also has a lot of interesting things going on musically. So this is a very good RS album, very commercial of course, everything is professionally done, it maybe lacks a bit of edge and fire but when everything is as well done as this, who cares? Por is a great addition to RS' roster and doesn't look too bad either.

Rating : 8.5/10

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