Wednesday, 25 February 2009

MV : "Dok neon barn kum" by Takkatan Cholada ตั๊กแตน ชลดา

Time for another song off Takkatan's latest album. This is an uptempo and jaunty little tune. A bit mean of the MV director though, considering it's Takkatan's song, to get her to do the ironing!

New Releases (25/02/09)

  • Bao Wee - jumbo hit
  • Kumwharn Weerawaid - wharn gungwarn
  • Mike Piromporn - young ruk gun yoo rue plao (vol 16)
  • Job & Joy - morlum rock sao jikko
  • Noo Metre - metre pleng hit
  • Karnjana Masiri - par sanook
  • Bew Kalayanee - kumlung jai jark dan klai
  • Jintara Poonlarb - jintara krob krueng vol.3

Monday, 23 February 2009

MV : "Luek sueng tae mai tueng fan" by Cream Pimwalai ครีม พิมวลัย

Lead track off Cream's debut album, recently out. I've got it and its not a bad album at all. This song has a nice melodic progression.

Friday, 20 February 2009

MV : "Itcha" by Bew Kalayanee บิว กัลยาณี

Bew's latest album is excellent as usual and this song is off it and i'm listening to it a lot!. Actually this is currently my favourite song. The sort of song i could listen to all day. So i often do.

CD : Oil Araya ออย อารยา - kid tueng jung

Oil's album starts off with a nice title track. Mid tempo with a slightly cute melody and an even cuter chorus, its only slightly marred by the fact Oil Araya can't quite make a lot of the notes. The tune makes up for that. "Aab mong kang lhung" speeds things up slightly and has another tune with plenty of cute flourishes in it. Its good basic lukthung. Oil's singing isn't very special but its not without merit.

"Khon kei ruk" is a better song, slower and heart felt. The vocal track again lets things down with very noticable gasps for breath. The production team obviously had the day off and let the office junior record it. The song continues onwards with some nice music though strained notes... and more gasps. "Hai ruk kor dai" is a more traditional faster song and Oil sounds a bit better on this one, you can't hear her gasp for breath anyway.

"Yark hai rao khao kun dai" is more on the pop-lukthung side and has a very good tune, then Oil starts singing. More missed notes than a karaoke night at my house. "Babb nia" has a good fast rock lukthung tune, Oil doesn't sound so bad on this one. Actually its one of the better songs on the album.

Its hard to know what to make of this. Musically its not bad at all but Oil's vocals miss the note so often its painful sometimes, and she is let down by bad production at times too. On some songs she doesn't sound that bad so maybe its a case of bad song selection by her management. Some of the songs are quite good despite the flaws. Its not a flawed diamond though, more like a flawed crystal glass.

Rating : 7/10

Favourite songs : Kid tueng jung, Babb nia

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MV : "Kor kae mee ter hai ruk" by Takkatan Cholada ตั๊กแตน ชลดา

Been a while since the last posting i know. I've got a lot of new albums very quickly including the new Jintara one. However here is a song from my Youtube account by Takkatan. The song is one of the filler tracks on her album (not that i am saying its a bad song, its not but there are a lot better ones on there) however has a very interesting video. Very pink for sure.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

MV : "Miss sis hien" by Jintara Poonlarp จินตหรา พูนลาภ

Jintara's third album for RS is already out (i shall get it soon) and this is one of the songs off it. All i can say about the video is "wow!" Madonna eat your heart out!

Interesting sound too, i like the tone changes.

Monday, 9 February 2009

CD : Takkatan Cholada ตั๊กแตน ชลดา - dok neon barn kum

Takkatan's third album and greatly anticipated by myself (and i'm sure many other people too) after her superb second album. Actually it has been a long wait, over a year (which is usual for a young luktung star) so how does this album go? It starts off up-tempo with the title track "Dok neon barn kum" which has a jaunty beat and a good melody. Takkatan nails slow songs better than most but also is pretty good at the fast stuff.

Good though that is, what we really want are superb slow songs full of emotion, heart break and amazing singing. "Yah tho ma kae plob jai" is the first attempt at that. The song also has some interesting things going on in the melody. It maybe just falls short of being a truly great song though. "Mee khon ngao ror yoo ber nee" is a very country song with good instrumentation. "Fan geb" is where things start to get really good though. The best song on the album and my song of the year so far. From the opening chords shivers run down your spine as the melody and tension slowly builds. Takkatan's voice also building to a tremendous chorus.

"Yark fhun dee tee barn rao" has to follow that and of course can't help but being a bit of a let down, its a nice enough song with the feel of the hills behind it (you'll understand when you hear it, hopefully). "Tode tarn kong karn ma sai" is another slow Takkatan song, she has a template for them now : opening slow restrained chords then the crisp vocals cut in building to a chorus.

"Sa-nguan sit chapor khon sode" is for a bit of variety, a faster song with a beat that is up-tempo and lightens the mood. "Lhong aiy duay ter" is back to slow stuff, again with a great country feel. "Kor kae mee ter hai ruk" is an interesting song having a slinky start and into a mid-tempo melody. Finally "Tarng lud kong khon ror" is another slow song, not bad but compared to the others on this album pretty average. The song sounds a bit too much Tai Orratai to be honest, actually that is one criticism with the album. A few times you wonder if its Tai or Takkatan singing. Takkatan doesn't need to copy anyone.

So overall a truly excellent album chock full of great songs. Well balanced and well mixed. So is this better than the latest Tai Orratai album? Yes, but because Tai's latest isn't quite her best. GMM should just be thankful they have 2 female singers producing such high quality goods like this at the moment. Getting back to this album : essential.

Fav songs : Fan geb, Dok neon barn kum, Tode tarn kong karn ma sai

Rating : 9.9/10

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

MV : "Fan geb" by Takkatan Cholada ตั๊กแตน ชลดา

Best song of 2009 so far (yeah i know the album came out at the end of last year but anyway), and the song is by Takkatan Cholada of course. I got the VCD version of the album today and uploaded this to my Youtube account...

I'll be uploading a few more over the next few days. Maybe one a day, actually ripping them takes minutes, its the actual uploading that takes ages, and i have broadband already!

Monday, 2 February 2009

MV : "Ma tee lang wang tang" by Nui Suweena นุ้ย สุวีณา

Nui Suweena is, as we say around where i live, "the business". A hot looking chick who can sing really well. She wears a bandana better than anyone. This is off her (probably) second album which was her first for RS. Not the best song off the album but a good slow song with a driving and memorable melody.