Saturday, 3 January 2009

CD : Tai Orrathai ต่าย อรทัย - kon nai kwarm kid hord

Tai Orratai's 6th album then, coming less than a year after the mighty 5th one, not that i am complaining. It starts off (with the title track), as is expected nowadays, with a trademark Tai Orratai impassioned song directed at country people cast adrift in the cruel hard city where people don't talk to you, help you et cetera. (Personally its a bit of a stereotype but anyway). Good song with smooth vocals and the usual melody hooks.

Track 2 is "Pen huang der jar" which has it's Chinesey air (i've already talked about the MV on this blog) and is another solid Tai song with some nice musical touches. "Tor jor wor mor hok" which follows is better though and is an excellent faster song, now i love Tai but she doesn't nail fast songs as well as she does the slow stuff usually but this is a very welcome exception. This is my favourite song off the album with an irresistible chorus.

After the fun of track 3 we are back to the slow stuff with "Hed phon tee ton jeb" which as usual is sung well and has a brooding and emotional backing. I suppose you might say its the kind of song she has done so many times before but why deviate from a winning formula for the sake of it? After a couple more slow tracks the tempo rises again for the infectious "Huk talord kid hord samer" which has a jolly little tune. I think she is getting better at these kinds of songs to be honest.

The slow songs are probably the best though, such as "Tua chuay tee boh dai chern" which has some nice keyboards and of course gorgeous vocals.

So a very good album, that will no doubt provide me with months of listening pleasure like the last one. There is no one better right now, Takkatan's latest CD sounds very good but this is my sound of 2009.

Rating : 9.6/10

Best songs : Tor jor wor mor hok, Pen huang der jar, Tua chuay tee boh dai chern

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