Monday, 19 November 2007

CD : Takkatan Cholada - tanon kon fun

You know how it is sometimes, you get something but don't quite appreciate it's brilliance immediately. It was like that with this CD, we got it a few months ago and liked it but didn't quite appreciate how good it is. So lets readdress the balance. This is Takkatan Cholada's second album and she is following in her labelmate Tai Orratai's footsteps squeezing every bit of emotion out of powerful loogthung songs.

I think Takkatan is a little better than Tai on faster paced tracks though like the wonderfully jolly Ji ruk ru ji lork and the bouncey Khon sode prajum concert with it's crowd noises. But where Takkatan really shines is on slow powerful songs like Plai tarng kong kwam kid tung and Mai chai fan tum taen mai dai. These songs show off Takkatan's amazing vocals to the max.

This is one of the contenders for CD of 2007 (or 2550 if you prefer.) Tracks 2 to 5 are one of the most amazing sequences of songs you will hear for a long time, and the rest of the album isn't bad either!

Rating : 10/10

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mr bonkers said...

Maybe it's a sad reflection of the music industry that this girl had to have a lot of cosmetic surgery done before anyone would take her on after winning a competitiion a few years back. However, it was money well spent and this has been a big hit. The seccond number ji rak rew ji lok being the big hit and unusual in that it uses some of her local Khorat dialect. The 4th track mai chai faen was written by the great salar khunawitt and I believe was intended for Tai Oratai first. Sometimes I get these two singers mixed up when listening on the radio and wonder what the success down to- the singer or the great writters/arrangers at Grammy. Must have album anyway.

Chris said...

Yeah i've seen an old pic of her, if it hadn't have been labelled then i guess i wouldn't have known it was her! Well thats the way of everything nowadays sadly.

mr bonkers said...

Saw her last Sat at Saraburi and she seemed more popular than Fon also appearing. Needs to develop a bit more rapour with the audience though, a lot of new singers are lacking in this, althougth not some of the youngsters like Nong Mai and M/s Kunatarn.

chris said...

she always strikes me as being a bit shy