Friday, 31 October 2008

MV : "See pee tee koy" by Duangta Kongtong : ดวงตา คง

Going back a couple of years, an album by this U2 artist.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

MV : "Mai dai tang jai dam" by Tae 14 แต 4-ทีน

Before there was Kratae there was...

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Top 5 CDs of October 08

I.E. the ones we played the most.

1 : Noo Meter - kwam ruk kwam wung kwam fhun (-)
2 : Jintara Poonlarb - yoo karng ter samuer (1)
3 : Jomkwan Kulyakorn - ber nee yark mee fan (-)
4 : Dear Sasitorn - hua jai nuk soo (-)
5 : Tai Orratai - mar jark din (4)

Dear Sasitorn VCD back

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Monday, 27 October 2008

MV : "Wen wuk puk jai" by Salee Kanittha สาลี่ ขนิษฐา

Salee Kanitta has a new album out, here is a song from her older one. As she is a Nopporn artist her new album is likely to sound pretty similiar!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

CD : Dao roong luk thung thailand : hua jai tai fhun

Released at the end of last year this is a compilation to go with a singing contest of some kind i think (i don't get the TV channel its on so don't know a great deal about it!) There are 12 songs by 12 artists here, we won't review all of them just the ones i felt were most notable.

Lets start off with the best song on this compilation, "Mai lhor tae ruk jing" by A-rid, one of the best songs of the year i think, terrific slow song with a heavy rock guitar and powerful vocals. A chorus to die for, once the song ends you just want to listen to it again. So i did, and again, and again...

"Suk kon bon fah" by Sai is another slow song but led by some mouth organ before going into some great vocals. The backing is low key to let Sai's voice be centre stage. This song also has a great chorus and melody.

"Krai jah mai jeb" by Cream is also good, though not as much as Sai. Her song has more traditional touches but the vocals arn't quite as strong though still not bad.

"Ter yhoo nhai" by Aom is a fast and bouncy song. These are harder songs to pull off well (though mfairly easy to do adequately) but Aom does a reasonable job and she has a decent if unremarkable voice. "Bork kao duay narm tar" by New has some nice vocals, he has a bit of atmosphere to his voice.

There is a good mixture of styles, melodies and voices here. And a lot of talent on show. I wish singing contests here were so blessed.

Rating : 8/10

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

MV : "Perd jai sao tai" by Kratae กระแต

This blog is 1 years old (well actually it was a few days ago but i forgot), to celebrate... my favourite MV from 2007 which was off Kratae's first album.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Friday, 17 October 2008

CD : Nong Mild น้องมายด์ - ngarn kao

An admission, i usually dislike child performers but a few Youtube viewings of her songs persuaded me to give Nong Mild a try and with trepidation i began to listen to the CD and... actually its not that bad at all. Often young girl singers go too far in being cute and squeeky, and often get away with being rubbish because they are kids. Personally i don't believe in patronising children, if they are rubbish tell them, well Nong Mild isn't rubbish... she is actually pretty good.

The title track is a great start, all youthful exuberance and energy, excited girly vocals on a bouncy tune but the singing is good and clear and not too squeeky. As can be expected there are a lot of fast dance tracks here like "Pa ka poo Koo Aeon" and "Nah ka-la-to" but they bounce along enjoyably, the music is well done and the melody suits the vocals well.

Aha a slow song at last in "Tuk mae", Nong hums along with the tune to start with which actually sounds quite different, i can't recall that many lukthung songs i've heard recently that do that. Good song anyway, though its followed by another fast song in "Ta-lad taed-tae" which is maybe the worst on the album. Here her vocals sound a little too young and she strains a bit with the tune. Just skip that one, the rest of the songs are well worth a listen. Its a good album, Nong's vocals being very good, a lot better than quite a few grown-up singers i could mention.

Rating : 7.1/10

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pics from Prame Preeyagorn CD

Prame Preeyagorn's album "Ngao boh mee wun yhood" was released last year admittedly but finally got around to scan the booklet.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

MV : "Tam haa som-chai" by Mangpor Chonticha แมงปอ ชลธิชา

Another nice Nopporn MV, they are generally quite similarly but nice and colourful anyway. This is an older song by Mangpor who has a new album out now.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

CD : Jormkwan Kulyakorn จอมขวัญ กัลญากร - ber nee yark mee fan

I like this album, sometimes her vocals sound a little strange but the overall effect is very good. The title track starts things off and is a really enjoyable easy going mid-tempo track, sung well. "Nueng puen nueng fan" is slower and has some great harmonica work. "Fan khao tae rao hueng" has a great, what i call, stepped melody by which i mean the song's tone changes subtly a few times to enjoyable effect.

To be honest i don't like some of the faster songs so much, "Aim boon" for example is a bit messy though OK. A much better fast tune is "Choke dee mee ngern chai". The slower "Sakod tae kum wah ngao" is better though and has some nice guitar. This is a well-made album and well worth checking out though maybe has no stand-our tracks.

Rating : 7.5/10

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

New Releases (08/10/08)

  • Ajareeya Bussaba - hua jai... mee ngarn kao (5th album)
  • Mangpor Chonticha - arlai pee aew (special album)
  • Rock Ae Ae - self-titled debut album
  • Sunaree Rachseema - mue thue mike jai rong hai
  • Salee Kanittha - zabb jeed zabb jard
  • Nui Suweenar - nui sung fan
  • Yui Yardyer - pood mai kid
  • Siriporn Umpaipong - jaew bong nai glorng comp
  • Sathika Supunsa - ruam hit tid dao 15 pleng dunk compilation
  • Bao We - vol. 3

Leew is back!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

CD : Ajareeya Bussaba อาจารียา บุษา - job kao

This is the last Ajareeya album to date as far as i know but there are signs a new one is coming soon, anyway this is a very enjoyable album with the fast dancey numbers you expect from Ajareeya but also a couple of really good slower songs. Lets start with the fast songs, "Kammarthep mue mhai" is a good example. A good beat and tune well delivered, great chorus too. "Mai ruk luey lhor" has some nice guitar work. The title track, which starts the album off, also has a great tune and Ajareeya's vocals sounding as good as ever.

I prefer slower songs however and this album has a couple of great ones. "Mai roo wah ruk" is a sweet acoustic song, well sung and a sad tone. The best track, and to my mind the best Ajareeya song of all, is "Ploi pai tung jai ruk" with it's sad ballad air and terrific guitar work. MV is superb too. I hope any future Ajareeya albums work off this as the results could be fantastic.

Rating : 8.3/10

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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Top 5 CDs of September 08

Our top 5 CDs this month, i.e. the ones we played the most!

1) Jintara Poonlarb - yoo karng ter samuer (-)
2) Bew Kalayanee - buntuek pleng ruk (1)
3) Songkrod Chama - tarm har sao nui (-)
4) Tai Orratai - mar jark din (4)
5) Am Apassara - aok huk pai daeng (-)