Thursday, 23 October 2008

CD : Dao roong luk thung thailand : hua jai tai fhun

Released at the end of last year this is a compilation to go with a singing contest of some kind i think (i don't get the TV channel its on so don't know a great deal about it!) There are 12 songs by 12 artists here, we won't review all of them just the ones i felt were most notable.

Lets start off with the best song on this compilation, "Mai lhor tae ruk jing" by A-rid, one of the best songs of the year i think, terrific slow song with a heavy rock guitar and powerful vocals. A chorus to die for, once the song ends you just want to listen to it again. So i did, and again, and again...

"Suk kon bon fah" by Sai is another slow song but led by some mouth organ before going into some great vocals. The backing is low key to let Sai's voice be centre stage. This song also has a great chorus and melody.

"Krai jah mai jeb" by Cream is also good, though not as much as Sai. Her song has more traditional touches but the vocals arn't quite as strong though still not bad.

"Ter yhoo nhai" by Aom is a fast and bouncy song. These are harder songs to pull off well (though mfairly easy to do adequately) but Aom does a reasonable job and she has a decent if unremarkable voice. "Bork kao duay narm tar" by New has some nice vocals, he has a bit of atmosphere to his voice.

There is a good mixture of styles, melodies and voices here. And a lot of talent on show. I wish singing contests here were so blessed.

Rating : 8/10

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