Tuesday, 4 November 2008

CD : "Bao We 3" by Bao We บ่าววี

Bao We's 3rd album for R-Siam though the first i have got, i have quite liked his songs in the past but never got around to getting his albums, anyway this album starts off with the customary big radio friendly song with a rock ballad edge "Mang mao ngao jai" which no doubt has a MV that's been getting plenty of plays.

"Sator liam thong" is a fast song with a guitar led melody and a good chorus, its followed by the slower and also rock edged "Nok ha fah" which is sung well and some nice instrumentation too both modern electric and traditional.

Organ drives the tune of "Mah hao pra krapong" which is a lot more lukthung than some of the earlier songs. Its followed by the superb "Ruk kin mai dai" with it's steady and slightly bluesy beat. "Kum sa-ra-parb" like some of the earlier songs is led by guitar chords and rock drums and goes straight into Bao We's strong vocals. The effect is very good. This album is full of great songs. I can't really fault any of the songs, they are either great or not-quite-great-but-still-very-good. So this is definitely a recommended album.

Rating : 8.2/10

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