Saturday, 11 October 2008

CD : Jormkwan Kulyakorn จอมขวัญ กัลญากร - ber nee yark mee fan

I like this album, sometimes her vocals sound a little strange but the overall effect is very good. The title track starts things off and is a really enjoyable easy going mid-tempo track, sung well. "Nueng puen nueng fan" is slower and has some great harmonica work. "Fan khao tae rao hueng" has a great, what i call, stepped melody by which i mean the song's tone changes subtly a few times to enjoyable effect.

To be honest i don't like some of the faster songs so much, "Aim boon" for example is a bit messy though OK. A much better fast tune is "Choke dee mee ngern chai". The slower "Sakod tae kum wah ngao" is better though and has some nice guitar. This is a well-made album and well worth checking out though maybe has no stand-our tracks.

Rating : 7.5/10

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