Friday, 22 February 2008

New Releases (22/02/08)

  • Carabao - nhoom bao (new version)
  • Bua Bunchitar - fhun khong poh kum khor khong mae (debut)
  • Wichien-Summao - toey kread
  • Tuk Siriporn - ruk ter samer (greatest hits)
  • Zildy Mind - dancer gra pook look (debut)
  • Sunaree - Buntuek Chewit Sunaree Vol.1.
    compilation acoustic album
  • Jernjern Boonsoongnern - phee suer ratree

  • Jernjern Boonsoongnern - chun gor pen pooying kon nueng
  • Tunwa Rasritanu - rang jai jark mae
  • Satien Tummuer - hua jai puen din
  • Various - Grammy : loog thoong salub mike
  • Talar Saynanikom - pleng dung arom dee vol.1 - mai gin sen


mr bonkers said...

Cannot find the Sunaree here yet! BTW many CD's not 39 baht in an effort to counter copies. Saw most of Jintara still available. except the last 2 at this price on Friday as well as many other artists. Normally they are without cases.

Anonymous said...

I have been buying CDs from Thainet City at very cheap prices - are they counter copies? - how do you tell?

Chris said...

I bought some from Thainetcity before, they looked pretty real. I don't really use that site anymore though, they don't really have that good a selection.

mr bonkers said...

Sunaree, in my opinion the greatest living luktung singer, has a book out. It's her auto biog and a good deal more interesting than some by other singers although she leaves a lot of stuff out. Worth reading if only to find out that ten years ago you could have employed her to sing for as little as 3,000 baht! Her early life is the most interesting, she won her first competition aged 12 when she took some rice from home and sold it for 37 baht to get the fare into korat, luckily the 100 baht prize prevented a good telling off.