Friday, 30 November 2007

MV : "Kwan jai rod tang" by Dej Issara

Really happy to find this song! The quality isn't that good (recorded off TV) but the song is so good, definitely one of the best this year.

New Releases (30/11/07)

  • Jintara Poonlarb - Jintara krob krueng
  • Thierry Mhekwattana - pleng parn chewit
  • Carabao - ruam hit 25 pee - bao benjapes
  • Noy Stamp - jai kon goang
  • Stamp - ruam hit
  • Pong Larng Sa-orn - pong larng sah ding (compilation)
  • Rock Orn Sorn - joh joh 3
  • Springy - vol.2

MV : "Ber toh khon ngao " by Jukkajun Wunwisar

Lots of phones in this MV by the lovely Jukkajun, i wish she would phone me.

MV : "Been hao" by Karaked

Time for a video by the fantastic Karaked. But then its always time for a video by Karaked...

CD : Jintara Poonlap - sao thong dok jarn

The Queen of Morlum Jintara Poonlap has just released her first CD for R-Siam but this is her previous studio album. The album starts off quite understated with the title track and the following track not really setting the world alight. But then "somchai 2007", oh what a song this is! Great fast morlum song, but i still think it sounds like an MC Hammer tune.

The rest of the album is pretty good with some more decent morlum songs and some more lower tracks moving into lukthung territory. The album is a good album that is enjoyable in it's entirety but without having that many standout songs.

Rating : 7/10

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Thursday, 29 November 2007

MV : "Sia tua yah sia jai" by Carabao & Parn Thanaporn

The collaboration between Carabao and Parn Thanaporn yielded some good songs like this one. Parn skirts rock and country quite a bit, actually her new album seems very country, we should get it soon.

Top 10 Thai Country Chart (28/11/07)

These are our top 10 favourite loogthung/morlum songs this week.

1) mai chai fan tum taen mai dai - TAKKATAN CHOLADA (2)
2) wittalai lhai jai - VIT HYPER (1)

3) korb kun tee ruk gun - LUANG KAI (-)
4) sao rum wong - TAI ORRATAI (3)
5) huk koy ploi knao - JOOM CHANIDA (6)
6) som chai 2007 - JINTARA POONLAP (8)
7) pieng soang rao - BEW KALAYNEE (5)
8) sood huk porn porn - PRAME PREEYAGORN (-)
9) wun tok ngarn - PRIK WHARN (4)
10) sommut wah glub bon - PEE SADERD (9)

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

MV : "Jorng tuk luang nah" by Praewa Patcharee

A cute little song and a cute little MV by a cute little singer.

CD : Luang Kai - ruk lhao ruk diew

Luang Kai's third album then, much of the attention centred around the superb song "Korb kun tee ruk gun", an emotional rock-edged ballad. The rest of the album isn't bad either and overall very rock flavoured such as the on the fast rocker "Dek win dek waen" or "Krung sood tai" with it's tasty guitar solos.

We are back into more normal loog thung territory with songs like "Motorcycle man" however. The album has a nice mix of styles with good music and of course is well sung by the popular Luang Kai.

Rating : 8/10

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

MV : "Ploi pai tung jai ruk" by Ajareeya Bussada

How sweet Ajareeya looks in this MV, and what a sad song! A new album from her must be due soon, its now just over a year since the last one.

MV : "Jee hoi" by Pee Saderd

I like this video, the dancing girls in the background are great! Pee Saderd is also my hairstyle role model.

CD/MV : Kratae - perd jai sao tae

We first came across Kratae earlier this year when we saw her cool underground train / kick boxing pop video (see below) for the title track of her album "perd jai sao tae" on MV3. This is truly one of the better fast songs of the year and one of the best MVs.

The CD's problem is that the rest of it doesn't come close to the brilliance of that song. "Mai mee mue tue" is a decent enough slower tune though her singing isn't really good enough to really stand out. So in summary, track 2 is exceptional, the rest is just about competent.

Rating : 7/10 (mostly for the title track)

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Monday, 26 November 2007

MV : "Jintara ab baew" by Jintara Poonlap

This is the new Jintara MV off her new CD for R-Siam which has just been released and i hope to get it soon!

CD : Prik Wharn - fan nai fhun

This is a CD we got earlier this year but this blog didn't exist then to review it and it is one of the best CDs of the year so why not... Prik Wharn's debut then and what a fabulous country album this is. "Chai kon raek" is our favourite track, a powerful country ballad delivered with powerful and sharp vocals and a terrific chorus and hook.

The rest of the album doesn't quite reach those heights again but comes close a few times, songs like "OK huk pee 2" are simply compelling listening and again superb country songs. The faster tracks are maybe a bit less than brilliant however. They are still worth listening to though as is every song on the CD. Truly this is one of the best CDs for a long time.

Rating : 9.5/10

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Sunday, 25 November 2007

MV : "Nam tar yard kang par tard nar doon" by Jintara Poonlap

Going back to 2001 for this wonderful Jintara Poonlap song, the first morlum song i ever liked in fact and still one of my favourites now. Some of the best organ on a song ever!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Top 10 Thai Country Chart (21/11/07)

These are our top 10 favourite loogthung/morlum songs this week.

1) wittalai lhai jai - VIT HYPER (1)
2) mai chai fan tum taen mai dai - TAKKATAN CHOLADA (-)
3) sao rum wong - TAI ORRATAI (2)
4) wun tok ngarn - PRIK WHARN (5)
5) pieng soang rao - BEW KALAYNEE (3)
6) huk koy ploi knao - JOOM CHANIDA (-)
7) kum sabarn - AR LEK (4)

8) som chai 2007 - JINTARA POONLAP (-)
9) sommut wah glub bon - PEE SADERD (-)
10) kuen fan hai khao - MHIEW KUNATARN (6)

MV : "Kod nong naen naen" by Sai Yai (Siang Issan)

Something a bit different, a slightly older morlam song from the Siang Issan band's Sai Yai.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

MV : "Kid hord bor jing" by Jukkajun Wunwisar

Jukkajun is so amazingly cute, this is one of her best songs. Its off her latest CD which was released earlier this year.

Monday, 19 November 2007

CD : Takkatan Cholada - tanon kon fun

You know how it is sometimes, you get something but don't quite appreciate it's brilliance immediately. It was like that with this CD, we got it a few months ago and liked it but didn't quite appreciate how good it is. So lets readdress the balance. This is Takkatan Cholada's second album and she is following in her labelmate Tai Orratai's footsteps squeezing every bit of emotion out of powerful loogthung songs.

I think Takkatan is a little better than Tai on faster paced tracks though like the wonderfully jolly Ji ruk ru ji lork and the bouncey Khon sode prajum concert with it's crowd noises. But where Takkatan really shines is on slow powerful songs like Plai tarng kong kwam kid tung and Mai chai fan tum taen mai dai. These songs show off Takkatan's amazing vocals to the max.

This is one of the contenders for CD of 2007 (or 2550 if you prefer.) Tracks 2 to 5 are one of the most amazing sequences of songs you will hear for a long time, and the rest of the album isn't bad either!

Rating : 10/10

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MV : "Ji ruk ru ji lork" by Takkatan Cholada

Oh Takkatan, what a fantastic voice you have! This is off her current album which we are loving so much here. A nice faster paced song.

MV : "Yark sun nai aom kord ai" by Karaked

Dear Karaked on one of the songs off her lovely first CD.

CD : Prame Preeyagorn - ngao boh mee wun yhood

This is Prame Preeyagorn's debut album though the R-Siam artist has released a couple of songs already on a compilation earlier this year (though both songs on that CD, Ruam Dao Roong Esarn are on this CD too).

Bottom line : this is a great debut. Prame has a really rich voice and takes on these songs really well. Songs like the title track and "Sood huk porn porn" sound really great with her lovely voice accompanied by a perfectly judged backing.

The singing is good, the backing is catchy and smooth (and even includes a bit of sequencer action later on) overall this is a great piece of loog thung.

Rating : 8/10

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Saturday, 17 November 2007

MV : "See tho see" - Janet Kiew

Janet Kiew has a new album out and we're waiting to get that but in the meantime enjoy this song from her debut a few years ago...

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Top 10 Thai Country Chart (15/11/07)

These are our top 10 favourite loogthung/morlum songs this week.

1) wittalai lhai jai - VIT HYPER

2) sao rum wong - TAI ORRATAI
3) pieng soang rao - BEW KALAYNEE
4) kum sabarn - AR LEK
5) wun tok ngarn - PRIK WHARN
6) kuen fan hai khao - MHIEW KUNATARN
7) kum lung jai kwan - RATCHANOK SRILOPHAN
8) jorng tuk luang nah - PRAEWA PATCHAREE
9) jeb nee mai mee wun - TAKKATAN CHOLADA
10) koo dee pilchai - JINTARA POONLAP

MV : "Khob koon tee yung ruk kun" - Luang Kai

We really like this song by Luang Kai, that is on his new album. It has a real epic feel to it, especially the version of the MV that uses footage from a movie. This is the other version though.

CD : Joom Chanida - huk koy ploi khao

This is a debut from a new singer. Joom Chanida has a slightly strange voice when she sings, her voice sounds nice and warm though it also sounds a little... odd. The effect is not unpleasant incidentally, we enjoyed this CD a lot. The songs are good and usually jolly and light-hearted, with an accordion led backing.

Huk koy ploi khao (track 1) is a case in point, it chugs along happily with Joom's interesting vocals throughout and when it ends you just want to listen to it again. Superb debut.

Rating : 8/10

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Monday, 12 November 2007

MV : "Aok huk torn summer" - Bew Kalayanee

We got Bew Kalayanee's new CD a few weeks ago and its very good though this song is from her first album last year which was also very good!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

New Releases (08/11/07)

  • Pure Pure - ruk mai chai itim - debut
  • Prai Warunya - yord phai jai pee
  • Apaporn Nakornsawan - super shape bah
  • Joom Chanida - huk koy ploi khao - debut
  • Nanfah Kalasin - orm kord tee ter klied
  • Monsit Khamsroi & Dumrong Wongtong - glorm mueng
  • Monruk Monsaneh - thorn kum sunya
  • Chai Muengsing - loog thoong coyote dance vol.2
  • Various - RS : 3 cha remix vol.2
    Artists include Kratae, Jeab Ganokporn, Peter Fodify, Kat Rattikarn.
  • Janet Kiew - thank you tee ruk

Monday, 5 November 2007

MV : "Mai chai fan tum taen mai dai" by Takkatan Chollada

Takkatan Chollada has been said to be (somewhere) the "new Tai Orratai" and with songs like this you can see why. Its off her superb second album. What a hook this song has, amazing!

(25/01/08) : Updated video with better quality version, thats in sync!

Friday, 2 November 2007

MV : "Nhoo ror poh yok" by Mint Nicha Makharmwharn

Mint is a great new artist, we love her debut album and her videos. Obviously she is very young and cute, that helps a lot.

CD : Ar Lek - kum sabarn

Ar Lek looks cool with his long hair, and his second album starts off with the rocky title track, now this is a great song. Actually you would imagine the rest of the album would continue in this vein but it doesn't. The rest of the album is generally softer with the guitars turned down a bit. Some great music on here though, just put it on and dance away.

Rating : 7/10

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Thursday, 1 November 2007

MV : "Kho khae ru khaow" by Tai Orrathai

This MV is fantastic, one of the best this year. The song is also one of our favourites of this year, Tai Orratai is just a fantastic artist! This song is available on the Duay ruk dae kroo sa lah compilation.