Monday, 29 December 2008

Top 10 Lukthung CDs of 2008

Its that time of year again, i.e. the end, where thoughts turns to reviewing what came in the year before. Later on in this series we will list our top 10 lukthung songs of 2008 and finally the top 10 artists of the year but first of all what were the best 10 CDs. On this blog we reviewed dozens of CDs and procured many more so what was best in our opinion?

1) Tai Orratai - mar jark din
Tai Orratai's 5th album was released at the end of 2007 but we didn't receive it to the first week of 2008. A superb collection of songs starting with the title track, a few slight mis-hits with faster tracks but when Tai sticks to her slow sorrowful tracks she is unbeatable! I played this album so much this year that if they had such a thing as pay-per-play i would have been bankrupt by April.

2) Bew Kalayanee - buntuek pleng ruk
Bew Kalaynee is really starting to build a good career now, we like how she is adding rock power and attitude to good solid lukthung tunes. This album was her best yet.

3) Jintara Poonlap - yoo karng ter samuer
Jintara's second CD for RS was much better than the first with well written and well performed songs in a variety of styles.

4) Various - Dao roong luk thung Thailand : hua jai tai fhun
A compilation album, this time from a reality show. They are always a mixed bag but hopefully you find some pearls. Arid Waamak's song "Mai lhor tae ruk jing" was one of those, brilliant. Some of the other songs are pretty good too.

5) Vit Hyper - koh vit
OK he didn't give us "Wittalai lhai jai" again but tried his best to repeat the formula on this album which was much better rounded and balanced than the last one.

6) Dear Sasitorn - hua jai nuk soo
Best debutant of the year, a superb collection of well-sung and inventive tracks on the rockier side of lukthung. Excellent roots music.

7) Karaked - yark pen khon tee don ai huk
Karaked was one of the first lukthung singers i ever got into and delivered the goods on this latest album, smooth and competent. And gorgeous.

8) Noo Meter - kwam ruk kwam wung kwam fhun
A terrific series of songs early on this album, track after track of radio friendly rock balladish-lukthung. Brilliant.

9) Bua Bunchitar - fhun khong poh kum khor khong mae
A very good debut, maybe a little too dominated by 1-2 really good songs and a few that were... lets be charitable and say fillers. But very promising all the same.

10) Ajareeya Bussaba - hua jai... mee ngarn kao
Ajareeya's comeback, a blistered fusion of styles and energy. Beyond brilliant, it came late in the year otherwise would probably be higher up the top 10.

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