Wednesday, 10 December 2008

MV : "Narm nai tar" by Bew Kalayanee บิว กัลยาณี

Bew was the third lukthung artist i ever bought anything by (the other two being Jintara and Mai Saowapar - whatever happened to her?) It was Bew's debut album too which was OK though you suspected Bew wasn't really the person on the cover but rather someone RS was trying to create and it jarred a bit.

Subsequent albums seem to be much more Bew and not manufactured (i could be totally wrong of course but her current image seems much more natural and comfortable) as she develops a cool rocky hard edge to her lukthung. Especially her third album which is among the year's best and includes this song.

"Narm nai tar", my current favourite over the last couple of weeks. It starts off with some nice contemporary piano and then into Bew's lovely vocals, which are smooth yet gutsy. The song probably has some cross-over appeal. The video is maybe a bit basic, just being a performance video, but the song is #7 on the album so they obviously ran out of budget. I don't mind though, i prefer to see Bew anyway and not some contrived storyline. Lovely woman, lovely song.

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