Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Top 10 Lukthung songs of 2008

I haven't heard every Lukthung song this year but i've heard a lot, some songs might be off 2007 released albums but i heard them this year! For fairness each artist has only been allowed the 1 song in the top 10 (otherwise Tai Orratai would have had about half of the songs there!) So having taken all that into account, in my opinion the best 10 songs are :

1) mai lhor tae ruk jing - Arid Waamak

2) mar jark din - Tai Orratai
3) mar la woey - Kraetae
4) boh lhuer yhung hai whung laew - Jintara Poonlap
5) poo sao tai barn - Karaked
6) jeb nee puer ter - Fon Tanasoontorn
7) bao nuk rean yai - Dear Sasitorn
8) ber kai yao fao ror - Pu Sriwilai
9) ter tao nun - Film Narinthip
10) mue dai sima - Newkoi Kannika

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