Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Thai Country Chart (30/07/08)

1) yoo karn ter samuer - Jintara Poonlap (1)

Bew Kalayanee - buntuek pleng ruk CD

2) ngai kern pai - Bew Kalaynee (new)
3) jeb lhai ai luem - Bua Bunchitar (3)
4) toh ha krung sood tai - Earn The Star (6)
5) kwan tong karn tang - P Saderd (9)
6) kon nun kong jai - Tai Orratai (2)
7) lod poong nhoi pee - Orn Orradee (new)
8) nhon pee sua - Noo Meter (4)
9) kularb esarn - Norradee Srichachol (5)
10) kum pa khon jing jai - Vit Hyper (8)


mr bonkers said...

chris where do you get the charts from? they are totally at odds with the one I see on hit station and on telly and the radio ones. Noo Meter has been top for weeks and Jin is nowhere. Hard to believe Orn Oradee is no 7 as she is not so popular and a minor singer with NP SG. I guess it's hard to believe any of them. Looks like poor Yodrak has a few weeks left at most, great singer in his day, bet he'll be number one when he passes loads of CD's out of his lucky to get one signed by him not so long ago.

Chris said...

Its my own chart based on the songs i am in to at the moment. Thats why some songs are old because its just what i have got at the moment!