Saturday, 23 January 2010

Revision : Noo Meter, Tai Orratai, A-Zeer

I review albums on this blog of course, but i may listen to an album many times more after i have written the review. Have some of my opinions changed? Well lets look back at a few albums from last year and see...

Noo Meter - khon derm tee koon kei

Back in September 09 i reviewed Noo's latest album and was impressed with him once again. Noo is one of my favourite male lukthung singers and he definitely has my favourite voice. I did say though there were no surprises, if you had heard him before then you would know exactly what this album would sound like.

But lets face it it was maybe a bit unfair to criticise him for that as you could say it for most lukthung artists! I think maybe i was just desperate for something critical to say. Recently i have discovered the song "Khon derm" on the album which i didn't highlight in the original review but its also a very good (and a very Noo Meter) song.

Tai Orratai - morlum dok ya

Tai Orratai goes morlum, when i reviewed this i said it was a great change. I think i was on the juice when i wrote that. To be honest i think the album is pretty average and that was painfully apparent with further listening. Usually i listen to Tai albums so much the CD case falls apart and if the CD laser could burn a groove the CD would look like a tyre tread. However this album has hardly been out of it's box for months. Back to normal next time Tai please!

A-Zeer - self-titled

I liked this album, though only the tracks with the female vocals. A reader helpfully pointed out that the female vocalist was Sear Napat, which passed me by (i am slow sometimes). Once told it was blindingly obvious! Sear Napat's last full album was one of the best in 2007. Her songs on this album are great, the guy's songs are (lets be nice) different.

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