Thursday, 21 January 2010

MV : "Copy hua jai" by Nongpang Natthida น้องแป้ง ณัฐธิดา

Off her latest album.


มาวิน said...

Hi, Chris. As a fan of morlam and lukthung, I am very happy to have found your site.

I'm looking for a couple of songs I was watching on satellite TV around Christmas time. If I describe the video, can you help me out.

1. "Bok Bok" A young lady has a food cart. A farang with a goatee tries the food, but gets sick. The song ends with the bathroom falling down, and the guy there squatting. Also, throughout the video, the singers and dancers do some kind of choreographed move with their elbows, each time they bring their elbows down, they say, "Bok, Bok".

2. "Nit Nit Mook Mook" Not too many clues here. A big production number with a female singer/dancer. The oft repeated phrase that I (deaf boy) hear is something like "Nit Nit Mook Mook".

Any help appreciated. We tried very hard to find these songs in Udon Thani, but no luck...

Chris said...

Sorry i don't know the videos, not seem them yet anyway! The first 1 sounds interesting though. If i see them i'll let you know.

Anonymous said...


Seem I found for you now...Look here...

นิต :)

มาวิน said...

Thanks so much, นิต and มะนาว. (And Chris for trying...) Strangely, you found the hardest one first. มะนาว is getting really good at figuring out what I am trying to say. Once again, I (deaf boy) had it quite wrong. The phrase was actually "Mib Mib Moob Moob". That kind of cute rhyming scheme appears throughout the song.

With apologies for starting a conversation in a completely wrong place on this wonderful blog, here is the song info.

เปิดปั๊กกะตูใจ - ลูกปัด พิมพ์ชนก

Performer - Lookpud Pimchanok

Song - Bit Bakga Du Jai

The link that นิต provided is correct:

เปิดปั๊กกะตูใจ - ลูกปัด พิมพ์ชนก

The other song is going to be easy because of its extremely unique video. I am a man on a mission to find it. Any help appreciated.

Sacramento, California

มาวิน said...

The inevitable corrections...

เปิดปั๊กกะตูใจ - Beut Bakga Du Jai

Chris said...

Oh Lookpud was it, i like some of her songs