Friday, 30 July 2010

MV : "Peur yai" by Golf Sirikwan

I miss Golf.


Anonymous said...

A lovely song by a lovely young lady. But it seems a bit ominous, Chris: "I miss Golf." I did a search on her name in both English and Thai and didn't come up with anything other than her songs. I hope she's okay. She is okay, isn't she?


P.S. I really liked the video, too, in terms of how it showed that particular part of Thailand.

Chris said...

Oh i just meant its been a long time since her album, she isn't dead or anything (as far as i know)!

I guess her debut didn't do that well hence no follow-ups.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I guess I have an overactive imagination. I'm with you then on missing her. I would rate her very highly. I hope we do see a second album soon.