Friday, 1 August 2008

New Releases (01/08/08)

  • Songkrod Chama - tarm har sao nui (debut)
  • Pituk - sathanee narm tar waylar ngao
  • Kluay Stamp - huk kiew suer duay mue plao (4th album)
  • Sunti Duangsawang - pleng wharn 2551 (compilation)
  • Nong Mild - ngarn kao
  • San Naka - kor sadang kwarm kid tueng
  • Big One - esarn taek pork vol.1
  • Aim Apassara - aok huk pai daeng

1 comment:

mr bonkers said...

Saw her last at concert for Yodrak last week (his body is at wat rai khing until Oct) Unlike some child stars seems to still be able to produce some good performances at the ripe old age of 13. Not the greatest singer around obviously but her enthusiasm and friendliness is something a few other older singers could learn from. Will get this one for sure.