Thursday, 20 December 2007

New Releases (20/12/07)

  • Tai Orrathai - mar jark din (5th album)

  • 5 Sao Fever - mae hai mar (debut)
  • Kunta Na Nakorn - happy happy (debut)
  • Sayun Sunya - Sayun 2 leelar vol.2
  • Sayun Sunya - Sayun 2 leelar vol.3
  • Sayun Sunya - Sayun 2 leelar vol.4
  • Pong Poothai - bao baan terh aok huk
  • Vit Hyper - wid chanid dee ded (compilation)
  • Kratae - khong kwan jark sao tae (2nd album)
  • Bunchoo Numchoke - alai pratard panom
  • Fah Pragaidao - yhark jah chat (debut)
  • Non Polyiem - earn khwun hai mae (debut)
  • Gaew Yolladar - sai tar mud jai (debut)


Anonymous said...

Who is the young lady with the boxing gloves? I have to give her credits for wearing such a beautiful costume that belongs to one of the minority groups in Thailand - the Hmong..

Chris said...

That is Kratae

mr bonkers said...

She says she will be fighting this month but not seen any more reports about it, would love to see her in action.