Saturday, 15 December 2007

Best of 2007 (1) : Top 5 Music Videos

These, in our opinion, are the top 5 music videos in Thai lukthung this year.

1) Kratae - perd jai sao tae

How can it be any other video really? Kick boxing on an underground train? Excellent! The choreography of the dancing and fighting matches the music perfectly.

2) Takkatan Cholada - mai chai fan tum taen mai dai

Takkatan Cholada

This video really tugs the heart strings, she thinks the guy she loves loves her too, she runs up the stairs to see him... but the guy has got back with his ex. Heartbreak!

3) Tai Orratai - kho khae ru khaow

Tai Orratai - kho khae ru khaow

Always loved this video both for the triple view of Tai and the sequence when Tai switches places with the girl to sing to that dumb dude.

4) Ajareeya Bussada - ploi pai tung jai ruk

Ajareeya Bussada - ploi pai tung jai ruk

The bit where the guy reaches up to Leew and she thinks he loves her again but then he just adjusts her hair. The expression on Leew's face... well its true heartbreak!

5) Pee Saderd - jee hoi

Pee Saderd - jee hoi

Fantastic dancing girls and magical weirdness going on. Job done!

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