Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Best of 2007 (3) : Top 5 CDs

And finally in our review of the year here are our top 5 favourite CDs of the year.

1) Various - Duay ruk dae kroo salah

What a great collection of songs by Grammy's female luktung singers! There is Tai Orratai with her fabulous "Khor kae roo kao" and Praewa Patcharee's "Jeb tee tong jai" plus other great songs from the likes of Takkatan Cholada and Ratchanok Srilophan.

1 - duay ruk dae kroo salah

2) Takkatan Cholada - tanon kon fun

So many wonderful songs on this album, her second. It includes the fantastic Mai chai fan tum taen mai dai, one of the best songs i heard all year.

3 - takkatan tanon kon fun

3) Prik Wharn - fan nai fhun

Best song this year was "Chai kon raek" by Prik Wharn, a sledgehammer of a country torch ballad, sung by a young lady who appears to like strumming her guitar in an armchair placed in a field. Rest of the album isn't bad either.

4 - prik fan nai fhun

4) Tai Orratai - pasa ruk jark dokyah

Tai Orratai, whose voice has the ability to take you away from current reality and transport you into a world of woe, lost love, sacrifice and dancing for coin.

5 - tai pasa ruk jark dokyah

5) Sear Napat - kum diew tee kao jai

Sear has a great voice and has an album full of powerful country ballads here.

6 - sear kum diew tee kao jai

Others we liked...

Janet Kiew - thank you tee ruk
Suchada - aok huk rueng khum khum
Vit Hyper - wid chanid pised
Morgan - Morgan

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