Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Top 10 artists and songs of 2009

My personal top 10 lukthung artists and songs of 2009.

1) Tai Orratai
2) Takkatan Cholada
3) Vit Hyper
4) Nidnoi Nantaporn (right)
5) Ajareeya Bussada
6) Bew Kalaynee
7) Luang Kai
8) Noo Meter
9) Earn The Star
10) Karaked

1) fan geb - Takkatan Cholada
2) luem ai bor wai - Klin Patooma
3) hed phon tee ton jeb - Tai Orratai
4) fah kong mee hed - Luang Kai
5) nung sue pok dum - Fangkaew Worasamon
6) tua chuay tee boh - Tai Orratai
7) pen huang der jar - Tai Orratai
8) fark kum kor tode - Nidnoi Nantaporn
9) klied khon suay - Noo Meter
10) aow ngao kao laek - Vit Hyper

Many thanks to all visitors and readers this year and i hope you come again in 2010. Things might be a bit different in the new year. Happy New Year!


Mike said...

Good job with the site -- looking forward to 2010.

ps: You forgot Dear Sasitorn in the top CDs!!!

Chris said...

Her CD was in 2008 and was in my list for that year :)

mr bonkers said...

Chris, Vit Bew and Luang are not luktung singers. They are now marketed as 'phua cheewit/luktung' but it's just to reach a larger market, they are all phua cheewit singers. Tomorrow is R Siam day at 94.5 Sunday concert at Lumpini Night Bazzar, have a look on channel 5 if you have access, Luang and Bew will be on.

Chris said...

Yeah they are cross-over artists, what you might call country rock in English but this blog has always covered them. Music genres are not set in stone anyway, there is always blurring around the edges.

Anyway i like 'em!